Quick Guide to a Healthy Smile


See your dentist and hygienist regularly

The standard once or twice a year visit to the dentist may not be enough.  Bacteria removed during your hygiene appointment reproduce rapidly.  Most dental issues don’t cause pain until it is too late.  Cavities are painless until they become deep and gum disease is painless until there is an infection in the pockets of your gums.  Adults should be seeing the dentist every three months.  We now know that gum disease is linked to heart disease and diabetes.  Seeing the dentist can benefit your smile and your overall health.  At Callander Bay Dental Centre we focus on your overall health.


Practice healthy eating

A balanced diet that provides adequate nutrition can help promote healthy teeth. Many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium and others, are essential to oral health.
Callander Bay Dental recommends that along with eating a healthy diet, it’s smart to limit snacking. The flow of saliva cleanses the mouth and teeth, removing cavity-promoting foods. Avoid sweet and starchy foods.
The best thirst quencher is also the smartest choice for your teeth. Water helps wash acid-producing foods from the mouth.


Practice good oral home care

Brushing after meals and flossing at least once per day can remove the source of food for harmful bacteria, which can keep them from reproducing in your mouth. Brush all surfaces of the tooth and the tongue to help remove plaque which can cause bad breath and help bacteria grow.  Antibacterial mouthwash can also be used to keep your oral flora from taking over.  Speak to our knowledgeable team at Callander Bay Dental for home care oral hygiene tips and strategies.

Providing comprehensive dental services

About us

Callander Bay Dental is a member of the Teeth First Dental Network.

At Callander Bay Dental we pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient care in a welcoming environment.  Located on the shores of Lake Nipissing in Callander we are a short drive from North Bay, Powassan, Nipissing Township, Corbeil, Arnstein,  Mattawa and many other small communities.  Our team of bilingual professionals strive to offer a wide range of services for your convenience.  Evening and weekend appointments are available.

New patients are always welcome at Callander Bay Dental Centre.

Our Philosophy

Vision:  Callander Bay Dental is the team of choice for excellence, integrity and compassion in dentistry.

Mission:  At Callander Bay Dental, together we are dedicated to our patients and our community by providing exceptional dentistry for optimal health and wellness.

Values  - The team at Callander Bay Dental is passionate about patient care - We respect and value each other - We actively support our community.


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