Crown Council

Crown Council was founded in 1995 by a group of dentists whose inspiration was to share the best dental treatments with each other in order to raise the standard of dental care and to create an immediate teamwork result. Hundreds of dentists were eager to participate and the organization continues to attract new dentists.

The Crown Council Today

The Crown Council continues to grow and expand to include dentists from all over the world who subscribe to the philosophy of uniting for a common purpose: "to give the best of what they have for the benefit of the whole and each individual in it." Through the many programs and services of the Crown Council members are able to network with quality dental teams, exchange ideas, expand their thinking, grow their practices, and improve their lives beyond what would be possible by working alone. As just one example of that effort, members have grown the Smiles for Life Campaign into the largest and most successful charitable campaign in dentistry having raised and donated over $27 million dollars to worthy children's charitable causes around the world.

The Impact of Crown Council for the Callander Bay Dental Centre Team

Being members of Crown Council since 1999 has allowed the team at the Callander Bay Dental Centre to fulfill their commitment of becoming better community partners and providing superior, personal and professional dental care to their patients. Their enthusiasm, commitment and their care for the community shines through with the Annual Smiles for Life Campaign. Since 1999, Camp Trillium, Hospital for Sick Kids, Rotary for Kids, NADY, The Gathering Place and HANDS, have reaped the rewards of the $338,993.00 that the team at Callander Bay Dental Centre has raised through this annual smile-whitening, life-brightening campaign. Crown Council International members are in awe and congratulate the team at Callander Bay Dental Centre for continuously achieving Top 10 Fund Raiser status in all of North America.

Crown Council membership also encourages team participation in continuous education and hands-on training seminars to keep Crown Council team members at the cutting edge of technology in order to provide optimal dental care to their patients.  Click on the city titles listed below to appreciate some of the team's past Crown Council experiences.

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