A look at today’s dental radiation exposures by using real-life comparisons

You've likely heard the alarming studies about radiation exposure reported by our national news coverage.  Many reports have failed to mention that these cases were years old when many x-ray procedures delivered much higher radiation exposure. You may be surprised to learn that the radiation dose for a Dental -Xray falls somewhere between eating a…
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A Typical Dental Hygiene Appointment

Your Typical Appointment Many people wonder what to expect during an appointment with the dental hygienist. During your visit, the dental hygienist will: have prepared for your appointment to ensure your safety review your chart and medical history review your current medical status with you - there are many medical conditions and medications that may influence dental…
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X-rays and Lasers, what’s your dentist up to?

What’s new at your dentist’s office? So, life is busy, kids, work, family, friends, commitments, etc and you forget to rebook your dental hygiene appointment. Time goes by and all of a sudden your mouth is pounding like a drum line at a football game! Does this sound familiar? If so, get ready -- not…
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