For over 20 years Nancy has worked in several general dental practices as a Dental Hygienist. In 2010 she joined Callander Bay Dental as a Treatment Plan Coordinator where she found her niche helping people understand why complete oral care is so beneficial to their overall health. She combines her knowledge and experience and enjoys the opportunity dentistry gives her to assist patients in choosing treatment plans that fulfill their unique needs and wants. Nancy’s passion for dentistry stems from the positive impact she has seen it have over the years, and feels that today’s dentistry can truly make a difference altering patient’s smiles, personalities, and lives. Nancy is proud to be working with a dedicated team of professionals that puts patient’s care first.

In her spare time Nancy enjoys spending time with her family and new adventures. Zip lining in the rainforest and trekking through Alaska can be stroked of her bucket list! Although Nancy still considers herself a novice, she has completed several beautiful quilt projects and loves adding to her fabric stash for future projects.